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Pastoral Affirmation, March 15, 2020

After a day of research and decision-making Saturday March 14, 2020, after prayerful consultation with key role players in the faith community called St. James, after spending time with a high energy component of the youngest worshipers from the church, and after spending sanctuary hours in the church, the difficult decision to concede to the recommendations to remove the opportunity for the in-gathered body to assemble, i.e. we would postpone having church.

I went to bed burdened with the thoughts of separation and weight bearing.  The burdensome thoughts were pushed out of mind as wakefulness was ushered in the dawn of a new day and the hope of the Light of the world.

The building lights were extinguished for a minute.  The Light of the world forever shines in the believer’s soul.  I have often encouraged us to “Go to church” when the Sunday worship gathering was ending.  The simple but powerful song 'This Little Light of Mine' reminds us that in the early stages of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:6 we are encouraged to let our individual lights shine, thereby glorifying the Light of the world and compelling others to God.

Is God awakening us to our longstanding assignment to live the powerful words of the Gospel of Jesus (the good news of Jesus)? Is this a unique Lenten season structured with unusual occasion for self-reliance?  Is God nudging you to inventory your spiritual resources and gifts?  Since “I am the church, you are the church, we are the church together.” We are also the church in the corner where we are. Brighten that corner by resolving to SHINE during this hiatus.


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