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Community Needs Assessment Survey

The Rhode Island Community Care Alliance is conducting a community needs assessment survey of Woonsocket. Please read the message below from Nicole Aucoin, the Executive Assistant to the President/CEO of Community Care Alliance.

Hello Everyone,

We are conducting a Community Needs Assessment of Woonsocket that is due to be completed by December 1st. We need your help to get as many surveys completed as possible! If you are a Woonsocket resident, please complete the Assessment. We also appreciate it if you could share the assessment with your Woonsocket friends and family. For those of you not familiar with the Community Needs Assessment, it is used by the RI Community Action Association (we are a member) and grant funders to identify how the community is doing, as well as emerging needs to influence legislative policy for the well-being of community residents. The aim of this assessment is to develop solutions and programs to better serve and support our clients, ourselves and the community in relation to the specific needs expressed by residents. There are 2 ways to complete the Community Needs Assessment:

1. Print the the enclosed pdf, fill it out, and return it to me

Woonsocket Community Needs Assessment - English Version RICAA CNA 9 27 2021
Download PDF • 441KB

2. Use [this link] to complete the assessment online.

Thank you for your help in advance for your participation! Nicole Aucoin

Executive Assistant to President/CEO

Community Care Alliance

P.O. Box 1700

Woonsocket, RI 02895


Visit Community Care Alliance on the Web at:


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