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Fall 2020 Revival at Saint James Baptist Church

Join us at St. James Baptist Church for our three-day Revival worship experience:

  • October 28th, 29th, and 30th at 7 p.m.

  • Featuring The Reverend Thomas A. Mills of Grace Church, New Britain, CT who will preach a sermon each night.

Lively, heartfelt music will be included each evening within the guidelines issued by the State of RI.

Fall Revival is a joint effort offered by SJBC Pastor Jeffrey Thomas and the Diaconate.

It is open to people who don’t know Christ or the church, as well as people who have a strong church affiliation

Revival also will be available each evening as a live-stream on our Facebook page.


  • The service length will be shortened in an effort to limit exposure to COVID 19.

  • Please arrive early to the church for proper social distancing seating.

  • Face covering is required.  Persons arriving without a face mask will be provided one. If, for medical reasons, you cannot wear a face mask, you are invited to view the revival at home on Facebook for safety purposes.

Revival has three components: personal fasting, personal prayer, and corporate worship.

Revival is a spiritual booster intended to invigorate, heighten, and nurture our relationship with Christ; revival can spur us to phenomenal awareness of the Spirit within.

In Revival, worshippers invest time beyond the norm in their spiritual journey and it is done in a group setting to emphasize the call to look out for and encourage others.

Revival is proven to carry with it the strong possibility of spiritual awakening.

Revival can unleash a stirring of repentance among God's people to a fresh obedience to God. 


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