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Pastoral Affirmation, March 19, 2020

John spent his latter years on the Island of Patmos. He had been captured in a persecution campaign ordered to the island by the Emperor Domitian. (Revelation 1:9). The thought of being banished to a place by a power greater than yourself is daunting.  Being told we cannot go somewhere, especially church is - said the nicest way I can think of - undesirable,

John wrote. 

What will I do during this house arrest time? 1) Write

2) Read

3) Rest

4) Avoid the refrigerator (that took a month to get repaired) and snack cabinet. The tile is worn down in front of that cabinet but it wasn’t me.

5) Spend some quality time with my wonderful wife and other family members.

6) Attack some small stumps that cannot be cut with the lawn mower

7) Get some computer projects that may enhance the church ministry done.

Lofty ideals often get pushed aside by reruns of Columbo and Murder She Wrote, YouTube videos, home makeover TV programs (always looking for walls to take out), organizing the garage and testing the couch cushions.  

No final report will be forthcoming.


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