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Winter Items Needed for the Homeless: message from Ben Lessing, CEO of Community Care Alliance

We are anticipating a harsh winter. Below, you will find a list of supplies we will need throughout the winter to at least reduce the harm to the homeless population living on the street... What I am asking of you all is not simply for you to contribute to these resources but also to utilize your personal and professional relationships to do so as well.

Anything you all can do to assist us is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,


Supplies Needed for the Homeless Population

  • cold weather sleeping bags

  • all-season tents

  • warm socks

  • hats, gloves

  • long underwear

  • warm coats

  • sweatpants/shirts

  • hand warmers

  • batteries

  • warm blankets

  • flashlights

  • tarps

  • ez fire starter bricks


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