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Recognizing Christina Duarte's Contribution as City Clerk of Woonsocket

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Christina Duarte, Woonsocket, RI City Clerk

The city clerk is literally the glue that holds many cities together. Through records management, documentation of city council meetings, and public-facing service roles, the city clerk wears many hats and tend to be among the most knowledgeable, networked people within a city.

The role of city clerk comes with the weight of much responsibility, reverence, and service that makes it a job unlike any other in the United States. Today we feel honored and privileged to say God has placed Christina Duarte in the gap to serve the citizens of this great city of Woonsocket.

Sister Christina, we hold you in HIGH regard because you have created HIGH benchmarks for the role of City Clerk.

The business of enabling a city survives less on leadership skills and more on the commitment and dedication of passionate employees like you. Thank you for your hard work.

St James is proud to have a member of this congregation in such a public and transparent place. Within the bounds of your civic duties you get things done for the city and sometimes that means for us specifically.

Thank you for bringing your positive attitude to work every day.


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