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Woonsocket 9th Annual Day of Prayer

There is never a bad time to pray. But there are moments when the best thing we can do is pray. Such a time is upon us and the faith community invites all other sectors to come together for a solemn time of prayer and intercession for the city of Woonsocket and beyond.

The WDP is not a political event but we are proud that elected officials have chosen to be present and even offer prayers and words every year. This call to prayer came from a conversation between former Mayor Leo Fontaine and Bishop Gonzalez. This year's event will be the 9th Annual Day Of Payer. What is needed from you: 1. Clergy and VIP RSVP to attend, Speak, or Pray RSVP HERE 2. Attendance of church members, parish, congregation, and community SHARE ON FB 3. Volunteers to serve, ask your people to Register To Serve HERE We hope to see you on Saturday, October 16th at 1:00 PM, River Island Park. Pastor Thomas also adds a special request for Saint James Baptist Church to join him in attendance and volunteer to assist. "Please show up for your church and for the sake of offering Christ to the world." - Pastor Thomas


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